Ray Wright Music Academy

A music school in an after‑school setting where our young people receive lessons from professional musicians and are taught music theory

  • Research shows that music instruction is a direct contributor to academic success.
  • Music improves cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than twice as much as sports.
  • Fostering children's creativity builds a foundation for healthy development and love for learning.

We are at the end of the planning stages of establishing a music school for our youth, and we will begin the program in the spring of 2024. It will operate year round at Lotus Academy during "after-school hours" through the week and on Saturday mornings.

The school will be open to students six to thirteen years of age from around the city, and they do not have to be Lotus Academy students to enroll and participate.

The music school is named in honor of the late Rayburn Wright, a professional musician and almost legendary woodwind teacher, who touched so many lives in and around Philadelphia during his long career.

All of the major band instruments will be taught, and there will be basic music theory and composition classes offered as well.

We are hopeful that our grantors, donors, and partners will help us to reach out to our young people to introduce them to the wonderful world of music, and to guide them in developing their artistic genius.

I think music is one of the heroes and sheroes of the African American existence.

Maya Angelou